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[29 Aug 2006|01:56pm]

a girl called Jade might be staying for a night or two from tonight. she is the daughter of a friend of my mother.

i haven't made her any promises and at the moment i'm not sure if she is coming over tonight or not.

sorry for the late notice. i'll let you know as soon as i do about what is happening.
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Early Warning: Brixton Closure Information [24 Jan 2006|12:32pm]

This comes via fugitivemotel's very informative journal:

It is planned to close Brixton station from 8-17 April 2006 while asbestos removal work is taking place to allow the station to be modernised as part of TfL's five-year, £10bn investment programme.

The works, undertaken by Metronet Rail BCV, the company responsible for the maintenance and renewal of the Victoria, Central, Bakerloo and Waterloo & City lines, will permit the installation of cables from platform switch rooms to the station operations room.

John Doyle, General Manager of the Victoria line, said: "There is no safety risk to our customers or staff as the asbestos has not been disturbed and in that state it is safe. Air quality is being continually monitored by our asbestos control unit.

"Temporarily closing the station during the Easter period, when demand is reduced, is the best solution we can adopt to minimise disruption to our customers."

Victoria line trains will terminate at Stockwell during this period.

A high-frequency rail-replacement bus service will operate between Stockwell and Brixton during the closure period.

LU tickets will be accepted on all local bus services, including those connecting with local Network Rail stations.

LU customers may also wish to walk between Stockwell and Brixton, which takes 15-20 minutes.
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[05 Dec 2005|10:21am]

apparently, there is a way of getting hot water in our house.

our neighbour said we need to blead the air off the tank...


i'll give it a go tonight.
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[03 Aug 2005|01:33pm]

im making scones tonight if anyone is in and wants scones, jam and clotted cream!
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Don't Get Fresh with Me [12 Jun 2005|11:24pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

The recent party (see here and here) at the Brixton Massive has been widely reported in the press, and can safely be called a massive success - except to the carpet and (as ever) sexual proprieties. Here are some of the many comments.

"Last night's party in Brixton was an absolute pleasure. From what I remember. I drank cocktails, I saw lots of people I hadn't seen in ages, Ewan's girlfriend had small fish in her hair, I ate sushi, I kept nearly knocking my glass off the balcony, oh it was action packed AND fun-filled." - myonlyhome

"Next stop was the brixtonmassive party, which has been the talk of LiveJournal for weeks now. tigerpig and hoshuteki took excellent care of their guests." - hollowfulofhat

"The party was cool, even though we had to dash off to the last tube... Thank you for the delicious cocktails Ewan!" - cloudgirl

"You missed out on smoking a shisha pipe with Fruitbat." - miss_newham

"Friday night's party in Brixton was fun but I was very tired and couldn't be arsed trying to talk to anyone I didnt already know." - maxinemogadon

"Ewan, Ewan, Ewan, I hope your happy. Feeling pleased with yourself. You've RUINED all other booze for me. :-(" - keith_totp

"We think there were people shagging in the bathroom." - mooism


All great parties also have their share of casualties. Jo has the last word for them: "News just in - most of you suck because you couldn't be bothered to go to the party at Ewan's place even though he invited you several times." - miss_newham

"I'm so gutted I couldn't make it *pout*" - wizzy_w

"As previously noted, by missing the party, I missed out." - pink_weasel

"Now that I know one of my childhood heroes was at the party, I am kicking myself for having exams next week. GAH." - ginger_princess

"I was in Derby, otherwise I certainly would have been there. Sounds like it was good though." - annasilverlight

"Sounds great - sorry I didn't make it!" - bluedevi

"Boo, I'm sorry I missed it." - elrestodemivida (aka thefirenexttime)

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six muffins [22 Apr 2005|10:48am]

I left six muffins in the kitchen and I'm not coming home tonight. They'd better all be gone by the time I get back on Saturday evening, or there'll be trouble.
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[08 Apr 2005|09:15am]

we should challange Newhamhouse to a fight!

im thinking water pistols and water bombs, or food or paint balling or mini putt or bowling or mini go-cart racing!

how about it witchwood?
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Welcome to Brixton [07 Apr 2005|11:49pm]

[ mood | welcoming ]

It has come to our attention that this community has become a matter of public interest.

Welcome to the Brixton Massive
home of excellent baking and fine cocktails

Naturally you are all invited round to experience some of our Award-Winning­ © hospitality, whenever is convenient for you and for us.

That is all.

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